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Web Design & Development16

It is simple, server is like a rented house; where you are supposed to pay rent to owner. Like any other service provider who charge for server, we do charge for the server, others provide you an empty unfurnished house. In our case, you no need to buy any furniture, household equipment, entertainment systems etc as we provide you fully furnished house with all amenities at free of cost. One more big benefit is that, other providers are charging higher rent for a small house on a sharing basis (shared hosting plan) but we are providing a fully furnished private house (VPS plan) with good amount space and security at a much lesser price.

Think what is better option for you:

Option 1. Unfurnished + Small House + Shared With Others + Higher Rent + No Privacy + No Security + Limitations + No Savings

(Other Globally Reputed Providers)


Option 2. Fully Furnished + Large House (Expandable) + No Sharing + Completely Private + Lesser Rent + Fully Secured + No Limitations + Huge Savings

(Fira Resolve)

Our services reduce your cost to a large extent as we design and develop your website in the way you want for free. We are in this industry for more than 20 years by now, it is hard to believe if any provider can offer such world class services for free as it involves cost, man power and other resources :)

Upon receipt of payment, we deploy your server within 24 hours. We will contact you to know your requirements, purpose, target audience, color preference and other information; after this we will show you some designs according to your preference and once you finalize the design and provide the content and information for the pages; it won't take much time for us to launch your website. If you are quick enough to finalize the design and you are ready with the website content; we deliver your website within 2 days.

Yes, but there are limitations. To certain extent, you can upgrade in terms of performance and storage space. If you have any plans to expand or scale up your business in the future, we strongly recommend you to opt for Professional / Artist / Extended plans from the beginning itself as these plans are flexible, expandable and scalable.

Yes, you can. Upgrade or downgrade is possible with our VPS & Dedicated Servers. Please note that, change of price for upgraded or downgraded will become effective from next billing cycle or at the time of renewal.

Our design team will send you good designs to choose one. We do not proceed to develop your website until you finalize the design of your choice. Please note that, this is a free service with limitations. In case, if you need any changes after the development of website, we can do it at an additional nominal charges.

Yes, we can provide you a whole new design for your website; however, regular charges are applied.

Yes, we can do that for you even in the starter package; full e-commerce integration or online shop is not covered in any plan except "Extended Professional Plan".

We provide you an administration panel to make any changes as and when you require. Comprehensive video tutorial or online demo will be provided at the time of delivery. There is no need of dedicated support, for any major changes or upgrades our tech team will do that for one-time fee. In case, if you need on-demand support; then we recommend you to subscribe for either monthly or annual plan for dedicated support.

By default, we build all websites on Wordpress due to the flexibility, reliability and expand-ability the platform offers. We love wordpress and 95% of our customers go for wordpress as the platform is convenient and sophisticated for users .

You are the one who knows exactly what you need and what you are doing with the website, logically you the right person to provide the content. In case, if you need help then we will get it done from a professional content writer for an additional cost, and you get the original content.

All our designs are 100% responsive and looks clean on all device screens.

Yes, we can do it only for our pre-existing clients who owns our server or if you wish to migrate to our server. We can turn your old website into a grand new one with all modern features.

No, we only provide our services who have websites hosted on our servers.

No, original designer owns the full copyright of the web design; you get single domain license for lifetime. Copyrights and ownership of any design or creative content, icons, images, graphics, videos etc are intellectual properties of its respective owners; you can only purchase a license to use.

Exclusive design and full ownership package starts from Rs.6 lakhs and onwards; if price is not a concern, you can get it.

No need to get panic, we can fix your website. We are in this industry for more than 20 years by now, we don't have any plan to relocate our business on Mars, so please send us an email. Important: We provide you a backup of your final design, database and files at the time of launching your website, please keep it safe; we may need this to fix your website.

Please note that, if you don't have a cloud backup or manual backup, we may not be able to recover website or your data completely. You are solely responsible in case of any data loss as you are the administrator of your website and we do not take any responsibility for any loss of data or guarantee full recovery.

App Development4

Yes, you can cancel your plan anytime. Your app will run till the end of the subscription and it will stop working after that. You lose access to the admin interface and all the files.

One time payment covers the cost of server for one year and the cost of design and development (one-time cost). For e.g: Individual Plan is priced at Rs.90,000 /- and renewal charges are Rs.42,000 /- per year, that means Rs.42,000 is cost of the server subjected to renewal every year and Rs.48,000 /- is the one-time cost for design and development of your app.

Business related custom features refers to, any essential features required for your business depending on the nature of your business. For e.g: For a travel agent, booking and reservation of hotel or flight is essential, similarly for a real estate agent, property listings are essential. Real estate features doesn't work for a travel agent, as it was not possible to mention all the features separately for various types of businesses, we mentioned it as "Business Related Custom Features", but not with the intention to create ambiguity in your mind.

No, you get all the benefits that are a part of your subscription plan. However, for added services and features that are out of the scope of the plan attract additional charges. For e.g: Publishing your app to app store or play store, is not covered under any app development plan; if you prefer to do this for you then it costs for you.


Nope, we are not a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform. We develop your e-commerce website and the cost involve only one-time web development charges; you get full ownership of your e-commerce shop for your lifetime. There is no transaction fee or additional fee applicable.

There is no limitation contractually. You are free to add desired number of products, categories and upload files; however, server limitation applies with respect to storage space, memory usage etc according to your plan; in such case you can upgrade your server for more storage space or for more memory, an exceptional or a rare case. The configuration that we provide is sufficient enough to run your online shop without any issues. We do not limit your traffic as well.

Razorpay, PayU, Skrill and Stripe are some of the payment gateways available for Indians and works great in India. Paypal, Stripe, SagePay and Skrill are commonly integrated for our international customers.

Yes, we can and also provide elegant premium themes for Magento / Prestashop from our designers. However, we do not provide tech support and customization for Magento / Prestashop.

Free SSL certificate is included with every plans we offer.

Digital Marketing4

Leads are not applicable for your online shop or mobile app, still you can subscribe the same plans. To promote your online shop or mobile app, we employ different approach for the same package price.

Of course, we provide only qualified leads; however that requires conversion either you or your sales team. So converting our leads are in your hands.

No, we cannot promise that our campaigns get you guaranteed sales; we try our best for you as it depends on the category of business, products, target audience etc and it takes some time to optimize your campaigns to get better results. We suggest you to try for a month or two, you can continue with our services if our campaigns proves profitable for you.


Yes, we can offer monthly plans; however it will be a bit expensive for you. It is not possible for us to provide our free services and discounts for monthly plans. However, monthly plans offer flexibility of cancellation of subscription or contract any time. Upgrade and downgrade are possible.

Feel free to contact us anytime by sending a mail at contact@firaresolve.com, we will be happy to assist you.

Why not ? We work with clients all over the world, in fact we have more customers from Europe & UK.

You can pay through paypal, skrill, pay u, credit card, debit card, netbanking and e-wallets. Payment through paypal is not available for Indians.

Yes, all of our plans are inclusive of server cost.

We accept and start working on your order only upon 100% upfront payment. All of our plan include many free and value added services, offering multi-phase payments or changes in your decision will incur huge financial losses for us. This policy is essential for us to protect our interest of business and to continue to provide our valued services.

We do process refunds on certain criteria. For more info on refunds: Refunds Policy

Yes, the prices mentioned are inclusive of taxes.

Yes, we provide "Plesk Obsidian" for VPS and "Plesk Onyx" for Dedicated Servers as standard.

We integrate Hubspot CRM as a standard and you can have all controls straight away from your admin interface. Hubspot CRM is free for lifetime and the service allows you to store and maintain up to a maximum of  1 million contacts (sufficient for any small or medium scale business enterprise). You can also purchase Hubspot paid plans with more advanced features, if needed or to further upgrade.